About Bev

During a career in industry, our Managing Director Bev Knight has seen it all.

A former Senior Operations Manager with the Royal Mail, Bev has the skills and practical experience to manage complex situations and diverse teams. A career in industry helped Bev to hone her communication skills and saw her develop a high level understanding in areas such as conflict resolution and employee development.

Since establishing Bev Knight Ltd in 2010, Bev has worked with a range of businesses and charities from small and medium enterprises to large organisations, across all sectors.

Bev is passionate about people and how they work together and is constantly working to up-date her skills across all areas of HR.


Bev’s Hobbies

Outside of work, Bev loves fine dining but keeps fit with marathon walks. Always ready for a challenge, Bev has parachuted from planes, experienced the thrill of bungee jumping and enjoys adventure holidays including a Wild Camping trip to Alaska.

Bev is also a great supporter of charities in her local area and encourages companies to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

Bev’s Beliefs

Bev recently sponsored the Bump and Beyond Campaign for the Alice Charity, helping new parents in less prosperous communities in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

And she is giving back to women in business, working with the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and Nat West to mentor women looking to start a business.


  • When Things Go Wrong

    Sometimes things don’t go to plan such as someone not meeting the standards expected of them and letting the organisation and their colleagues down. With many years’ experience dealing with difficult situations, Bev can help you get things back on track.

  • Teamworking (Belbin)

    “Simply putting together a group of people and expecting them to work as a team is not enough.”

    Bev is trained in the Belbin system which is effective in finding ways to get the best out of employees. Belbin and Bev Knight Ltd. can introduce new thinking and cut through problems which may be effecting the way a business runs.

  • WorldHost

    Bev Knight is a WorldHost licensed trainer. The interactive WorldHost programme teaches your staff crucial customer service skills that can lead to:

    Increased revenue, repeat business, average spends and net sales
    Better communication between staff and customers
    Improved internal communication
    Increased staff motivation, and therefore, reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
    Higher quality assurance ratings and improved scores on sites like TripAdvisor

  • Pensions

    With Automatic Enrolment in pensions now being a legal requirement, but being somewhat daunting for employers, we are here to help.

  • Retirement, Redundancy & Resignation

    Planning for retiring members of staff and unexpected resignations is a key part of business continuity. We can help plan for these situations before they happen.

  • Attracting Talented Staff

    We can help recruit the best people in the market and ultimately retain them within your organisation.

  • Training & Staff Development

    Let us assist you with creating a training and staff development programme which will ultimately help keep your staff motivated.

  • Career Development & Succession Planning

    Career development and succession planning should form a key part of any organisations business plan. Talk to us to understand how we can help.

  • Managing Sickness Absence

    We help take control and understand how to manage sickness and absence within your business.

  • How do I reward my staff?

    Understanding how to reward employees to ensure staff feel appreciated at work is an important part of keeping a stable work environment. Bev Knight Ltd can help businesses understand the best way to reward their staff members using industry research.